Saturday, December 12, 2009

Anna's ceremony

Yesterday Diana, Gizelli, Grace and I ate out to talk about the children's ministry. It was a good meeting, though mostly in Portuguese, and afterwards I was able to hear the incredible story of Diana's adoption.
That evening, we went to Anna's graduation ceremony. Audrey, Grace and I were dropped off at her
school, and I was excited to finally meet Anna. We did not get to talk long though, the students sat up at the front of the auditorium for an interesting ceremony. The school she goes to is Catholic because it has better academics than most of the other schools in the city. At first they gave a series of speeches about the teachers, the students, the families, etc. with songs in between that had to do with each speech.
There was a large statue that looked somewhat like a waterfall up front that apparently had water in it.
The religion class had picked out a perfume to represent their school, and they poured this perfume in the water. Then three girls stood up to 'bless' the water, one Catholic, one Presbyterian, and one Jewish. It was very sad, the Catholic and Presbyterian girls both gave speeches about how all religions are good, and it's not important which one you choose as long as you have one. The Jewish girl seemed embarrassed to be up there, and only said 'I agree with them.' After they blessed the water, the teachers went around and sprayed the students and the crowd with this water. Then everyone stood up to say the Lord's Prayer, and we went home. Anna's parents wanted us to go to another ceremony (her cousin's college graduation) but they let us skip out.
At Anna's house, we had a fun time talking, singing and playing guitar together. There is a video of a silly song Anna made up that you can watch on facebook at:

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  1. Fascinating ceremony... very ecumenical - which basically means that if it doesn't matter what you believe as long as you believe then nothing you believe means anything at all. Funny how it is not taken to its logical conclusion. The idea is to get warm and fuzzies about your religion but it doesn't really help you in a substantial way. In many cases this is true! If it is not the Way, the Truth and the Life helping - it is pointless!