Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chicken Heart

Last night Mr. Kent took me, Grace, Tiffany, Matt, and Pedro (who is Matt's friend and Anna's brother.) to go eat out for helping organize their garage sale. At this restaurant, the strangest but probably the most fun place I have eaten at here, you start off by getting whatever you want at the buffet table. Once you sit down, waiters start dashing to and fro with meats of all different sorts for you to try. The meats are brought on swords- yes, swords- and if you say yes, they slice off a piece for you. There is a little cup holder type thing you keep by your plate. One side of it is green with an open mouth that says sim, or yes. If it is on this side, they will keep bringing you meats. If you flip it to the red nao (no) side with a closed mouth, then they will leave you alone.
I tried the chicken heart. It was not as bad as I expected, in fact, I may have liked the flavor if I didn't know what it was; however, it was very tough.
Today Grace and I will go to meet with Diana and Gizelle about the children's ministry. After we meet, we may go do something together. Tonight, I will meet Grace's friend Anna for the first time. I have not been able to meet her yet because of her tests and studying. Please pray for her as she tests, that she will remember that God has a plan for her, even if she doesn't pass everything she wants to pass. We are meeting her tonight when she gets her diploma. She says it will be boring but it will be a cultural experience nonetheless!


  1. Was the singing together part of the cultural experience? Looks like she passed and had good things to say about her teachers. I hope they don't have facebook! I prefer chicken livers over hearts... tender.

  2. Were you at Baby Beef? Man, I LOVE that place!!!