Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas tree and one more day!

Today is my last full day in Thailand before the trip, so I hugged all my friends a final goodbye. Our church is excited about the Australian CCP's arrival for their two-month visit in Thailand. I was able to meet them before saying goodbye to one and all.
Since I am going to be gone for the next sixteen days, we decided to go ahead and get ready for Christmas today! At church, we took our family Christmas picture.
Tonight, My family and I set up our Christmas tree! It is beautiful, even if my Dad and I may have only produced some erratic bunches of lights, and even if our ornaments are a confusing mix of pretty angels and home-made snowmen. We cannot get real Christmas trees here in Thailand, so this is the same old plastic tree we've had for as long as I can remember. I love that tree.
I finished packing today, all that is left to do is my last day of school tomorrow and to finish a slide show that my Dad and I are making for their church, with the help of Mr. Brian's pictures.
I still have a sore throat, but I have been feeling a lot better. Thank you for your prayers!
Tomorrow is the day; the journey begins.

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