Saturday, December 5, 2009


I've been able to see a lot of the city today and yesterday. Thursday, we were supposed to meet with Grace's friend, Audrey, but she had to cancel because she had to help her mom out. Today we will spend time with her other friend, Angel, at seven o'clock; we plan to go on a walk to talk. Yesterday, Grace and Mrs. Bailey took me to see the market, it was very interesting. They have a multitude of animals of every shape and size, I even saw a few peacocks for sale! Unfortunately, they do not like it when you take pictures in there, I suppose because some sales like that are probably illegal. I have really enjoyed a drink called Guarana, which is kind of like ginger ale, but much better.
I have loved having our mornings free, it has given me lots of time
to spend with God, without the pressure for time I feel sometimes in my school life. I have also been able to talk to Grace a lot, and have been encouraged by her stories and advise. Since she is a missionary kid, and a year ahead of me in school, she has gone through a lot of what I am going through in my life right now, and so I have really enjoyed talking to her about it.
This morning, I got to see the flower fair, which is as beautiful as it sounds. There were so many colorful flowers, and a lot of fun jewelry, dresses, and decorations as well. There is a lot of graffiti here, some of it is just words, but some of it is very interesting. Apparently, if there is a law against it, it is not really enforced. I hope to get a better picture later, but this is all I have of it for now.
I met a girl on staff here after we went to the flower fair. She wants to get with Grace and I, so we planned for that. I am very excited to spend time with her and today with Angel!

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  1. I bet the flower fair was beautiful. I hope you were able to get some good pictures of it. I love keeping up with you in Brazil and learning about their culture.