Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm HERE!!!

Late last night I walked into the Brazilian airport where Grace and her Dad were waiting for me! We took the 45 minute flight to their city, Belo Horizonte, or Beautiful Horizon. As soon as I walked into their apartment I took a much-needed shower, washing off the memories of a long and tiresome flight. Then, I was able to sleep on a REAL bed in a REAL bedroom, with no one cuddling on either side of me and without waking up every five minutes to try and re situate myself in a small, inconvenient airplane seat. I have spent this morning resting and getting over jet lag. I was able to call my family on skype and have been hanging out with the Bailey family.
Tonight I will go with Grace to a campus ministry meeting, where they have someone teach and then everyone splits up in discussion groups to talk about a certain question given to them. I'm excited to meet and get to know the people here in Brazil!
Please pray that I will be open to however God wants to use me here! I am so excited that this trip has finally begun, and I can't wait to see what God has to teach me along the way!

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