Thursday, December 3, 2009

The campus ministry meeting was great. Although my Portuguese is coming along well, thankfully, Grace translated the sermon for me. ;) I finally met a lot of Brazilians! I talked to two girls there, Claudia and Priscila, and a guy named Alan (accept pronounced differently - I never say it right!) who had a lot of questions about the difference between Thai and Brazilian culture. It is so exciting to finally be talking to Brazilians! Their culture is very different, especially from the more reserved Thai culture. It was interesting to watch Alan (he was the one who talked today) share the gospel with one of
the girls. He talked about Evolution verses
Creationism, and at the end the girl pointed out that if people are sinful, it would
seem as if we wouldn't be able to have a relationship with a perfect God. And so he was able to explain the gospel to her, and how Jesus makes that possible.
I am so tired right now, but I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me! The Brazilian people are so friendly and fun, I have loved every minute spent here so far!


  1. Sounds like fun - take advantage of each moment!

  2. your blog! It's so fun and exciting to read about what you're doing and what God is doing! I enjoyed your earlier posts, too, with stories of the fam, Christmas, Dubai (how cool is that?!), etc. I saw the family picture and I can't believe how tall JM has gotten! :-) Time sure has flown by! From the time you were small, I could tell that God had given you a sensitivity to Him and He would do some cool things in your life! It's neat to see how He is working in you and giving you a desire to see people around the world know Him. Love ya! Hope your trip continues to be awesome! Mrs. Stacey

  3. Megan!!! I love your blog, keep it up! (You write very well.)