Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

I am in one of the LARGEST airports in the world. Just twelve hours ago, my family took me to the Khon Kaen airport to see me off. My ears are still ringing with the endless advice that my sweet mother provided. :) ... Don't talk to strangers or cute guys, etc. It wasn't until I walked though the check in and found myself alone at my gate that it really hit me that I wouldn't see any of them for sixteen days! I will miss them!
My flight to Bankok was anything but comfortable. The man behind me had apparently gotten up on the wrong side of the bed; he shoved my seat upright when I attempted to lean back and rest. Thankfully I only had to suffer such stiffness on my shortest trip.
P'Daa met me at the Bangkok airport with my passport which contained my Brazilian visa. She helped me find my gate, and I joined a long and assorted line of foreigners to approve my foreign-passport as I exited Thailand.
More comfortable and enjoyable, the plane to Dubai (Emirates Air) had a touchscreen TV and excellent service. As the plane landed, the person beside me pointed out one of the tallest buildings in the world.
Now I am resting at the huge, prosperous Dubai airport. I have a six hour wait before my next flight. Thanks to Marc Lewis's earphones, I am able to skype my parents. The book John Mark wrote, Legions Legacy, has given me something fun to do while I wait for the plane.
Well, I am halfway there! The next flight will take me to Sao Paulo, Brazil!


  1. It was great to talk to you while you were in the Dubai airport! We do miss you.

  2. I hope the last leg of flying is comfortable and that skinny people sit next to you so you don't have to share your seat. :)